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Message from Maxim Natapov, OIS founder and CEO

Bilingual full-day preschools with a focus on English and Chinese

Hello, my friends!

Childhood marks the start of nearly everything. Great personalities, inventors, diplomats, artists and intellectuals were kids once. Psychologists and teachers are unanimous in their recommendations. “Pay more attention to your child. Childhood is the time when basic principles and aspirations are formed”. A ship will sail the way you navigate it. 

We let our children make an important decision whether to study in Moscow or any other place in the world.

ONE! Mission

Equipped with leading international preschool curriculums, Montessori methods, and the list of new 21st-century jobs, and using the individual approach we challenge the classical education system.

It’s apparent that the traditional approach enslaves a child and teaches him some rigid patterns. If you are searching for a good preschool and kindergarten for your dear child, you are on the right track. Our mission is to raise happy and successful kids.

Over 500 families have chosen us and here is why:

Comprehensive personality development

We combine the best modern child-rearing practices. Montessori methods teach independence and openness, the International Baccalaureate awakens curiosity and forms critical thinking, sports classes and open-air activities make children healthy and fit.

Individual development trajectory

We provide a personalized development report for each student. Psychologists and teachers monitor and record peculiarities of a child's behavior, reactions and overall mood which allows detecting minor individual features to take into account while interacting with a student. Each member of ONE! team, including centre managers, teachers, educators, psychologists, speech therapists, assistants, contributes to the educational process, which helps to maintain an excellent quality of our services.

Excellent environment

Our clients and we are like-minded as we all share a similar approach to education and upbringing. We pay close attention to the environment kids spend their time in and make sure it stays inspiring, child- and eco-friendly and stimulating. We provide our students with a safe and secure space for self-expression and understanding the world around together with ONE! professionals.




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ONE! Curriculum


Montessori education

International baccalaureate

Children who start learning two or more languages in early childhood are communicative and better addapt to a new situation. There are more likely to overcome difficulties in studies and communication with peers; speaking two languages, if not three (in some campuses students have classes in German and Chinese), is a must-have skill in today's world. There are always two teachers in each group: one of them speaks Russian, and the other one always speaks English. This way kids get used to a foreign language and pick up words and phrases for everyday use.

Children get to know this world through tactile sensations, which helps develop fine motor skills, as well as logic and inquisitive mind. In our enriched environment a student can choose what to play with and how to do that, which makes them independent and responsible. It contributes to building trust among students and ties to their teacher. This method is used in all campuses.

In campus ONE! University we use the International Baccalaureate for Primary Years Program.It is for children aged 3 to 12. The emphasis is placed on project work. Theoretical issues are studied along with their practical application as children apply their knowledge and skills to address real-life challenges. Project and inquiry help students better process information, developing their analytical skills and making them more independent. Moreover, they learn team work and become friends as projects are delivered by project teams. 

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Future professions. Assisting our children. 

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Our clients’ testimonies

Ilia Koryakin’s father

I think that school, in the first place, should be following the same trajectory which was created in the kindergarten, and develop those skills and knowledge that are already there. There should also exist individual approach to every child. It is going to be tough, but I see, I am sure that it is possible. I have done it once [entrusted his child to ONE!] and have absolutely no regrets. That’s why it is going to be a logical continuation of what is already happening.

Emma Bualeva’s father

The most important is the best education for my child. It is incredibly valuable to have modern education provided from the early years. I am sure that ONE! International School is a very significant step. I think and I am sure that my daughter will receive a good education if the next step is school.

Tommaso Sabbatini’s mother

We have been pleasantly impressed by the atmosphere, meeting Maxim [general director], and we decided to start attending. We consider it to be a right call. I mean a right choice, judging by the atmosphere and the teachers that involve us into the educational process. Tommy is very happy.

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Our team

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